Two New Stars Join ‘The Hobbit’ Cast

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Two part Lord of the Rings prequel has just grown bigger as James Nesbitt and Adam Brown having joined the cast.

The two will be helping Martin Freeman, playing Bilbo Baggins, to destroy the dragon in the new Lord of the Rings movie that’s being shot now – The Hobbit. Shooting is currently ongoing in New Zealand.

James Nesbitt at the Britannia stadium

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Nesbitt has played popular roles in Millions made by Danny Boyle and Cold Feet on television. His entry in films has been speculated for quite some time now.

He shall play the role of Bofur-a funny, courageous but no nonsense dwarf. Brown is relatively less experienced and will play companion dwarf named Ori. The task assigned to the trio shall be to reclaim Lonely Mountain from the dragon.

Warner Bros released the information by spreading lavish praise about both artists. The two actors have adjoined an already large cast of well known actors participating in the movie. The large cast is essential to play the large number of characters in the widely read book.

Those who liked Lord of the Rings can watch Ian McKellen, Andy Serkis and Hugo Weaving play their respective characters in this movie as well.  The first release is expected in December, 2012 while the second is expected a year later.

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