US TV Shows Join the Big League – ‘Terra Nova’ to Hit Screens in May

Added by on January 16, 2011

US television is going to get introduced to big production involving time-travel, adventures, and mysteries in a show made by the writers of ‘Star Trek’ and ’24’. The big budget series named Terra Nova is coming to US television in May.

Steven Spielberg is the executive producer and the show is set in the year 2149 on a planet that is struggling to cope with overdevelopment and pollution.

The show focuses on time travel journey of group of pilgrims who go back 85 million years through a time portal. They end up in prehistoric earth and even get to see the dinosaurs. However, the writer has said that the show focuses on the emotional aspects and speaks of a family surviving complications and upheavals to give humanity a second chance.

The writer Brannon Braga spoke of the issue behind Utopia being the philosophical motivation behind the show.

Fox has decided to offer a 2-hour preview of the season on 23rd and 24th May before coming up with 13 episodes of the show. This is the most expensive first year show for Fox Network. The show is being shot in Australia and has been described as an ambitious television show by Fox Chairman Peter Rice.