Fraud indictment for New Jersey man for oil change using stolen card

Added by on July 15, 2011

A New Jersey man who police say spent thousands of dollars on oil changes and other car maintenance using a stolen credit card number was indicted by a New Jersey court on Wednesday, on charges of theft by deception charges and fraud.

Records indicate the man, Seth Winick of a town in New Jersey, used a stolen Visa credit card number last summer to pay for more than $6,000 in car maintenance and repairs.

Winick, according to court records, explained the sudden availability of extra money to his girlfriend, claiming that he had recently come to a large family inheritance. Court records show that he did not have the credit card – he wrote the credit card number on a piece of paper.

Winick’s girlfriend said that Winick would get on the phone whenever a cashier became suspicious of him using a credit card number without the actual credit card. He would ensure that the transaction got approved while he was on the phone. Winick’s girlfriend told police she assumed he was speaking with family members involved in the inheritance during the calls, records say.

Winick was indicted Wednesday on third-degree intent to defraud a cardholder, three counts of third-degree fraudulent use of a credit card, three counts of third-degree theft by deception and two counts of third-degree theft of services.