Lynch: U.S. Wealthy Investors Feel Better About Their Finances

Added by on October 31, 2010

Brokerage Company Merrill Lynch stated that, according to its latest survey, wealthy investors within the United States have started to feel better about their finances as compared to last year.

A little over 40 per cent of Americans with no less than $250,000 investible assets alleged that their finances stand better than last year, while 37 per cent said that there haven’t been any changes.

1,000 people were question for Merrill Lynch’s survey and three out of four stated that they firmly believe that their finances are to improve in 2011.

Many Americans feel disappointed and said that they expect to work for a longer time than they had planned. 61 per cent think that they will retire later than they had planned, these statistics showing a doubled percentage than that of the last survey in January 2010.

Sallie Krawcheck from the wealth and investment division of the Bank of America stated during a press conference: “They are more optimistic about themselves than they are about the economy”.

Merrill Lynch’s survey also revealed the fact that one in five of the surveyed Americas, notably wealthy, had to tap into their nest egg to meet monthly expenses or cover lost income in the household.

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