Adelaide Takes in 200 Christchurch Students

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Some 200 first and second year students from Christchurch will travel to Adelaide next week to attend classes at University of Adelaide after last month’s devastating earthquake closed their university down.

Adelaide Takes in 200 Christchurch Students

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The University of Canterbury, with around 16,000 students has been closed since the February 22 earthquake. No re-opening date has been set.

Adelaide, Christchurch’s sister city, has offered to welcome at least 500 students from the University of Canterbury and host them for one semester.  The students will stay with local families who have volunteered to take them in for the duration of their studies.

“These students are being welcomed with open arms and I think everyone is determined to ensure they enjoy their stay with us and find it personally and academically very rewarding,” said James McWha, University of Adelaide Vice-Chancellor.

The students will be part of a study abroad program in the areas of Arts, Engineering, Commerce and Marketing, with credits taken at University of Adelaide counted towards their home degrees.

The earthquake measured 6.3 on the Richter scale and killed at least 166 people and destroyed around one-third of buildings in Christchurch city centre.

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