Gillard Turns Attention Towards Yasi Cyclone

Added by on January 31, 2011

Prime Minister Julia Gillard said that she is receiving regular updates with regard to the threat that cyclone Yasi brings. Gillard said that she has already spoken with Anna Bligh, Queensland’s premier, about the threat that the category four cyclone could impose on the state.

The tropical cyclone is expected to pass through the coast of Queensland either on Wednesday or on Thursday, and it seems that it will cross the region between Mackay and Innisfail.

As Yasi could also be accompanied by heavy rain, the state is facing the risk of flooding once again. According to Ms Gillard, the weather formation is being watched closely. Ports in the region have already been closed, while island resorts were evacuated since Yasi is expected to hit soon.

The category four cyclone could be the most savage cyclone that has ever hit the coast of Queensland. On Monday at around 5pm, Yasi was hovering at approximately 1,700 km at the northeast of Townsville.

The state premier Bligh stated that authorities have been preparing all over the endangered area and added that nursing homes and Whitsunday’s Hamilton Island have already been evacuated. A number of 100 animals from RSPCA’s shelter will be flown out to Brisbane tomorrow.

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