Joint Cyclone Taskforce from the Australian Defence Force

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In order to respond the Cyclone Yasi, the Australian Defence force has already formed a joint taskforce which will support authorities.

Joint Cyclone Taskforce from the Australian Defence Force

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The designated JTF664 is a joint taskforce will undertake Operation Yasi Assist and will be under the command of Brigadier Stuart Smith, commander of the Third Brigade from Townsville.

Commander Stuart Smith said that the Australian Defence Force’s joint taskforce will keep close contact with authorities and the state government. Mr Smith further added that the taskforce will also be ready to support with emergency services if it is requested to do so.

The Defence Force has important logistic, engineering, aviation and health assets that can support the operation, according to the taskforce’s commander.

“We are maintaining close liaison with state government authorities and are prepared to provide support to emergency services if requested. Specialist aviation, engineering, health and logistic assets are on standby to enable an effective ADF response,” stated Commander Smith.

The Australian Defence Force has already helped with transferring patients to Brisbane from Cairns. The transportation took place overnight in four aircrafts, two C-17 Globemaster and two RAAF C-130 Hercules. Moreover, the force also helped the police from Queensland to go from door to door and advise inhabitants who live in threatened areas.


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