Police Warns of Flood Grant Scams

Added by on March 4, 2011

People residing on the NSW mid-north coast are targeted by bogus callers offering grants to those affected by recent floods, police said on Friday.

Police Warns of Flood Grant Scams

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Callers have been contacting people living in the Taree area asking them to visit their nearest post office with a photo id, and then call back on a number provided by the caller.

When doing so, residents are being asked to pay a processing fee in order to release a $4,000 grant the caller claim they are entitled to.

David Owen, Deputy Police Commissioner, said the calls are scams. He added: “Such behaviour belittles the work done by emergency services and volunteers in the area as a part of recovery efforts,” and he asked people to remain vigilant.

He especially reminded people not to release any personal information or banking details.

According to police, to date there have been nine reports of these calls. Although there are grant schemes for those affected by the floods, Commissioner Owens said that there will never be a processing fee or other payment associated with such government entitlements.

Owens concluded by saying: “These people have no shame and the NSW Police Force remains committed to prosecuting anyone caught operating such activities.”

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