South Australian Premier Reshuffles Cabinet

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South Australia’s Premier Mike Rann said that his government could be reinvigorated by a cabinet reshuffle, thus decided to bring in two new faces.

South Australian Premier Reshuffles Cabinet

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The statement was made on Tuesday, after the state’s Parliament returned for the new year. This would be the first major change in Rann’s cabinet since he was elected in 2002.

The Premier decided to replace the state’s Treasurer and Deputy Premier, Kevin Foley, with Jack Snelling and John Rau for each position, respectively. Mr Foley will, however, still be part of Rann’s cabinet to continue to cover the defence industry, whereas motor sport, police and emergency services are also added to his portfolio.

Tom Kenyon and Bernard Finnigan are the new ministers of Industrial Relations and Police. Kenyon’s portfolio will cover sport and racing, recreation, veteran’s affairs and road safetu while also assisting Rann. Finnigan’s portfolio on the other hand, includes gambling, local government and industrial relations.

Mike Rann said that after the reshuffle which brought “fresh new blood”, the cabinet is more stable, fresh and reinvigorated while it still has continuity, since five people are back from when the cabinet was firstly formed in 2002.

After the announcement was made, the opposition’s attention headed to the new state Treasurer, Jack Snelling, who had previously criticized capitalism in 1997 before the parliament.

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