$16.4bn New Money Funds for Australian Hospitals by 2020

Added by on February 13, 2011

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard and states premiers have reached an agreement with regard to national hospital funding.An overall amount of $16.4bn will be provided by the federal government over the next nine years.

$16.4bn New Money Funds for Australian Hospitals by 2020

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PM Gillard talked to reporters after her 6-hour meeting with the states premiers and said that the overall amount which will flow from the federal government to hospitals in Australia will amount an overall total of $16.4bn.

According to the prime minister, a national funding body will be established, through which the funds will be sent to the health system.

Ms Gillard said that the decision represents a big step forward for the country, since it will allow all hospitals in Australia to receive fair and transparent funding.

An agreement was signed between the leaders of the Australian states, which also included that the national structure of the hospital network would have greater control over local hospitals. Moreover, an efficient price will be implemented for hospitals.

The Australian Prime Minister ensured reporters and premiers that the $16.4m funds from the federal government would be “guaranteed new money”. “The commonwealth will step up to a fair share of growth – 50 per cent of every new dollar coming from the commonwealth”, said the Prime Minister.

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