$194M to Upgrade Campbelltown Hospital

Added by on February 3, 2011

New South Wales’ Premier Kristina Keneally said that $194.3m will help Campbelltown Hospital’s upgrade, which is necessary as the population in Sydney’s southwest has increased.

$194M to Upgrade Campbelltown Hospital

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The funding was announced today and the government aid is said to increase the number of hospital beds by over 150, while also creating nearly 600 jobs.

Nonetheless, the opposition came forward to ask where from would come the funds for the hospital’s update. As elections are approaching, the was some stinging as well as the state opposition said that it wouldn’t be the first time Labor promises hospital improvements prior to elections.

“This area is projected for significant population growth, and that does mean we need to supply the services and infrastructure that (it) will rely on. There is some money that will come through in `10-11. The budget committee has met and this proposal has gone through the usual committee and cabinet processes.”

According to Keneally, nearly $130m of funds will be for the construction of a new hospital building and for purchasing all necessary utilities and devices for it such as a surgical and medical assessment unit, palliative care facilities, expanded ambulatory care areas, surgical wards, larger pathology care areas and new aged care facilities.

Also, the existing emergency department of the hospital will be expanded, while new birthing rooms will be built. The rest of the government funds will head to the redevelopment of the hospital’s mental health service.


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