AMA In Favor of Congress Freeze on Medicare Pay Cuts

Added by on November 16, 2010

The American Medical Association, which represents close to 25% of more than a million medical experts and students in the United States, has sought to prevent the Congress from enforcing cuts in Medicare payments.

The core argument is based on the possibility that doctors will stop focusing on health care of seniors if the cuts are enforced.

The AMA found that 94% of 1000 citizens were concerned about the cuts. It also found that 81% were in favor of immediate action by Congress to prevent cuts. More than 90% of all above 55 and more than 95% of all above 65 were in favor of prompt action.

The last campaign was run in June and led to a 6 month delay by the Congress. AMA seeks a permanent solution which will cost $250 billion of taxpayers’ money. The group points that the payment method is outdated and needs to be overhauled. It has sought a 13 month freeze until the issue is sorted out.

The remedy, although attractive, is too expensive and will have a huge impact on the long term budget position of the country. AMA has sought to protect elderly patients and doctors by lobbying for effective permanent remedial action.

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