Anti-epilepsy Drugs might Cause Labor Induction and C-section

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The obstetrics journal ‘BJOG’ reported ,women who have been diagnosed with epilepsy have a predisposition to have more problems during pregnancy than women who don’t suffer from this disease. However, the Epilepsy Foundation of America published statistics and estimated that over 90 per cent of pregnant women with epilepsy deliver healthy babies.

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Although healthy babies are born with mom’s suffering from epilepsy, statistics show that the risks of pregnancy complications for these women are higher and include preeclampsia, anemia, vaginal bleeding and premature birth. Small studies and statistics from hospitals show an increased risk for delivery and labor complications in epileptic women. Although these small studies aren’t conclusive since data wasn’t gathered from the general female population, they showed that women with epilepsy feel an acute need of having induced labor, C-sections and instrument-assisted delivery, and that they can easily suffer from heavy bleeding as well.

Statistics showed that 14 per cent of women without epilepsy had induced labor, as compared to 19.5 per cent of epileptic women on anti-epilepsy drugs. On the other hand, women who were not on anti-epilepsy drugs totaled 14 per cent, the same percentage as those that didn’t suffer from this disease. The difference was higher with regard to women on anti-epilepsy drugs who had C-section, totaling 21 per cent, whereas only 14 per cent of healthy women chose this delivery method.

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