Australians Overdose on Caffeine

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One in five Australian men are causing themselves serious health problems when knocking back six cups of coffee or more every day, new research shows.

Australians Overdose on Caffeine

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The research, which was commissioned by the Canstar Blue ratings agency, found that many Australian men and women exceed the daily recommended safe intake of caffeine. David Stelfox, an expert from Endeavour College of Natural Health, said about the findings “These results are alarming from a health perspective.”

The study found that one in six Australian women consume six or more cups of coffee per day. The amount of caffeine in six cups of coffee is twice what is recommended as safe, and could cause insomnia as well as high blood pressure and other conditions.

” This level of caffeine consumption could result in drinkers developing conditions including insomnia, restlessness, irritability, stomach upset, high blood pressure, fast heart beat and muscle tremors,” said Stelfox who added that anything beyond three cups of coffee per day is too much.

South Australia showed the most alarming results, where 23 percent of those participating in the survey drink more than six cups a day. Queensland coffee drinkers are more moderate, with only 11 percent consuming the same amount.


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