Circumcision – A Strong Weapon against Warts and Cervical Cancer

Added by on January 6, 2011

Studies have indicated that female partners of circumcised men face 28 per cent lower risk of getting infected with the human papilloma virus.

This virus causes warts and cervical cancer in woman. The results of the survey were reported in the Lancet medical journal. This is yet another advantage of opting for circumcision. In the past, circumcision has been proved to provide extra protection against HIV/AIDS.

The researchers at the Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, concretely stated that circumcision must now be accepted as a suitable method to reduce the spread and occurrence of HPV infections in woman. The researchers also emphasized on spreading word about the advantages of safe sex.

The results of this survey have been combined with a larger survey that showed that circumcised men faced less risk of HIV/AIDS. The survey included close to one thousand women and the 2 year research showed that there were significant advantages of opting for circumcision.

The primary reason why circumcision was beneficial was that the foreskin contained numerous cells that are targeted by HIV and HPV diseases. Removing the foreskin ensured that the penis was less at risk for such parasites. It would then not transmit the same into the female partner.

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