Dentists Offer to Save Kids’ Teeth and Boost American Troops’ Morale

Added by on November 4, 2010

Two dentists in Pennsylvania have proposed to buy candy from kids after Halloween festivities.

This move has been designed to save teeth of youngsters. Further, the collected candy will be handed over to US forces fighting in Asia. This will help the forces enjoy Halloween despite serving in foreign lands.


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The kids are being offered $1 per pound of sweetmeats who hand over the candy. The dentists are simply asking for extra candy and are not asking kids to hand over all sweetmeats.

American Dental Association has come out with warnings and advisories why kids should not be allowed to consume too much candy.

This is good advice considering Americans consume 24 pounds of candies in a year with bulk consumption taking place during Halloween.

Halloween causes maximum damage because kids showing up in scary costumers are offered treats by others. Kids often return with pounds of candies offered to them or left at the porch for the kids to help themselves.

So many opportunities makes even the most disciplined kid give in to satisfying the sweet tooth.

Dentists have emphasized that this can be the perfect way to do a good deed by helping troops even as one protects the teeth of oneself and of family members.

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