Free MRI and CT scan Campaign

Added by on September 2, 2010

SimpleCare World Health announced that it has launched a new campaign entitled ‘Free MRI or CT scan review Process’. MRIs will be performed for free and the patients will be able to get a diagnostic report, a set of films or a CD with the MRI images. MRI’s can help diagnose various conditions related to the back, neck, hips or knees. The initial assessment of the MRI result is done by the Review Department that has to review each and every record and determine whether or not surgery can help the patient.

Specialists say that an important part of the preliminary diagnosis is done with the help of an MRI, but that a complete physical evaluation needs to be performed in order to see if the patient is candidate for surgery. All MRI reviews will be performed by real physicians after being added to the company’s evaluation system. MRIs taken in other places can also be submitted for free reviewing.

Through this campaign, the international healthcare company will be offering free MRI and CT consultations at the same quality as any other paying customer would get them. This is a bold move and marketing strategy since most people nowadays cannot afford the high costs of the private healthcare sector.