More Effective IVF Method

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Researchers are hoping they have developed a way of predicting whether embryos from test tubes I’ll likely to develop properly.

The tests are being made using a microscope and time lapse photography. They are currently developing licensing for a commercial test.

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The nature biotechnology Journal has published the findings by researchers.

Fertility clinics will benefit from the test enabling them to pick the most suited Embrio for womb implantation.

This will be a vast improvement on the current method which involves multiple embryos being implanted with the hope of pregnancy. this process can also put a mother at risk of multiple births.

Test tube babies, as they have been dubbed, are conceived in a lab dish by combining an egg and sperm. This is then transferred into the uterus to develop naturally. A majority of embryos utilizing this method do not end up developing properly.

For a long time,  the labs have been searching for various ways in which to improve the success rate.

Some IVF clinics have been known to implant multiple embryos, even though this practice is not recommended. In turn, this has led to the birth of quadruplets,triplets and more.

These babies are generally born premature leading to health problems.

There are currently around 500 clinics in the US which offer IVF services. Annually,the combined income generated is around $2 billion.

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