Olives Will Soon Replace Peanuts in our Diets

Added by on January 30, 2011

The olive is about to replace the current affections of people with the peanut in our daily meals. The recent sales figures of olives demonstrate how our consumers are getting even more sophisticated.

Tesco, the largest supermarket in the UK, witnessed the sales of olives to surge by 44 % in the last year, whereas the sales of peanuts in the country failed to change at all.

Data about the spending patterns have been revealed by the research firm named Kantar Worldpanel indicated that olives worth £66 million were sold to the consumers in the last year.

This was 11 times greater than the pork scratching, and was quickly coming to surpass the sales of the peanuts which were £81 million in the last year.

It is being projected that if these sales figures from Tesco continue the same trend all over the country, then the olives can not only replace the peanuts within a single year, but also the Britons can transform from a beer drinking and salty snack-munching nation to the one which eats antipasti while drinking wine.

Olives have been considered as an acquired taste until just a generation ago. But now, because of their great many benefits and healthy-for-heart properties, they are the latest trend among the Britons.

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