Raising HealthCare Quality Bar in 200 Illinois Hospitals for Patient Safety

Added by on September 14, 2010

Approximately 200 hospitals from Illinois have come together for the ‘Raising the Bar: A Call to Action’ initiative of the Illinois Hospital Association (IHA) in an attempt to boost healthcare quality and put the state of Illinois on the position of national leader in both patient care and safety. Hospital leaders that joined the Raising the Bar initiative will soon be implementing new methods to prevent complications, as well as infections, and reduce hospital readmissions.

Nearly 200 hospitals from Illinois will be working through IHA’s new Quality Care Institute, said Maryjane Wurth, president of the association. ‘Through IHA’s Quality Care Institute, we will transform health care and prepare for changes in the health care delivery system while continuing to provide the best care to our patients and communities. Quality care is a core priority for our hospitals, and by pledging to ‘Raise the Bar’ on health care quality and safety, our hospitals have reaffirmed their commitment to ensure that every patient gets the right care, at the right time, in the right setting‘, Mrs. same sites . Wurth said.

For the next three years, hospitals that signed up for the initiative will take specific measures to reduce readmissions and prevent infections acquired in hospitals and complications. IHA has offices in Washington, D.C., Springfield and Naperville and is an advocate for 200 Illinois hospitals, together with their communities and patients.