Carbon Tax Campaign on the Cards

Added by on March 8, 2011

An advertising campaign to better inform people about the proposed carbon tax has not been ruled out, Prime Minister Julia Gillard say.

Speaking from the US, Ms Gillard said about a possible taxpayer-funded campaign: “Look, on government advertising, from time to time we advertise to get necessary information to people,” “I’m not going to rule in or rule out government advertising in the future.”

Opposition leader Tony Abbott said he expects the campaign to go ahead given the recent polls showing a slump in Labour support, which according to Abbott is a result of the proposed carbon tax.

Ms Gillard insists a carbon price will be implemented in Australia, regardless of the outcome of current climate talks with US President Barack Obama. “Australia and America are great mates, but we’re not the same country,” she said.

Even if the US chooses not to go ahead with a carbon price, which could reduce the international emission permit market, there are 32 other countries, and some 10 US states, with emission trading schemes.

“What should we do, we should make a decision in our own national interest,” Gillard concluded.