Gillard Promises to Help Victorian Communities Hit by Floods

Added by on January 28, 2011

The Australian Prime Minister has made a promise to Victorian communities that expect to be hit by floods. Julia Gillard said that she is planning to work together with the Baillieu government in order to rebuild the zones that will be affected by raging waters.

The Prime Minister visited Swan Hill today and encouraged Victorian communities before the floods which are expected to hit at the beginning of next week. Gillard said that the State Emergecy Service will be working with the army in order to aid inhabitants and thereafter work together with Premier Baillier in order to rebuild Victoria.

Ms Gillard told Victorians that authorities will not forget about communities. “There is so much community goodwill and spirit that I’ve seen today. I know that we are going to pull through this, and I know that we are going to pull through the rebuilding as well,” she further added.

Victoria authorities said that three rivers that travel down towards Swan Hill are the main point they’re focused on in the area. The waters are expected to be significant this weekend, although the peak of the floods is expected to be sometime at the beginning of next week.

“We are out there assessing at the moment to make sure we can do what we can for those communities,” said Lachlan Quick, spokesman of the State Emergency Service.