‘Forest Piano’ new age music video passes quarter million views

Added by on October 18, 2011

New Age music…it’s seen better days. But it’s now it’s making a comeback – thanks in no small part to pianist/composer Edward Weiss. 

Weiss, who owns and operates Piano Lessons by Quiescence Music, posted a video on YouTube titled ‘Forest Piano’ in 2008. This video has slowly been gaining in popularity and now has passed over 270,000 views.

The video can be viewed at YouTube.com 

Weiss says…

“I’ve always enjoyed playing piano and being in nature. Both are peaceful pastimes that help me relax. That‘s why I created this short video, It combines my two loves, nature and music into one.”

Weiss, no stranger to the piano himself, teaches something called ‘new age’ piano online. Soothing and relaxing, the New Age piano style has been around and growing strong since the 1980’s.

Weiss explains: 

“I think many adults want to be able to go to the piano, sit down, and just play what they feel. But there aren’t many (if any) courses or lessons that teach this. Once I could easily do it myself, I wanted to share this beautiful style of music with the world by teaching others how to do it as well.” 

A free piano lesson ‘Summer Morning,’ and report are available at Weiss’s website http://www.QuiescenceMusic.com