42% plan Facebook marketing spending in 2012: study

Added by on March 28, 2012


Donald D. Dolenec , CEO Hawaii SEO

Donald D. Dolenec , CEO Hawaii SEO

Hawaii Social Media Marketing has completed a study of over 1,000 business owners, asking them about their plans for social media media marketing in 2012, including marketing using YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn; the results provide valuable insights.

“Social media marketing is a key component of a well-rounded online marketing campaign. Social media is a channel not only for distribution, but also for interacting with prospective and current clients. Our survey, called Hawaii Social Media Marketing Survey 2012, included over 1,000 business owners, asking them a number of questions about their plans for spending on social media for 2012,” said said Don Dolenec, president of Hawaii Search Engine Optimization.

The survey found more than 42% of business owners plan to spend plan to invest a portion of their online marketing budget on social media marketing, an increase of over 20% compared to the previous year. Of the companies planning to spend on social media marketing, 30% plan to target Facebook, 35% plan to include Twitter spending, 25% plan to invest money and effort on YouTube marketing, with the remaining 10% focusing most of their efforts on LinkedIn marketing. The survey also revealed about 20% of respondents plan social media training in the form of books, online content, and attendance at courses or seminars.

“The survey’s results demonstrate a significant increase in social media spending, with the majority planning to include Facebook marketing and Twitter marketing in 2012. The survey also confirms our observation that organizations that have an online presence are now shifting from marketing using only one or two channels to marketing using multiple channels based on a deeper understanding of channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube,” added Dolenec.

Hawaii Social Media Marketing, by Hawaii Search Engine Optimization, helps organizations leverage and integrate social media into their marketing efforts through expertise, mentoring, campaign management, and reporting.

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