5,000 Twitter followers best for business: Twitter Followers Direct

Added by on November 30, 2011

Over 82 percent of Twitter account holders have less than 350 followers, according to a September 2010 Twitter Counter report.

John Paul Aguiar, founder of TwitterFollowersDirect said “Small businesses who want to see results from their Twitter marketing know a few followers won’t cut it. They know they need more Twitter followers, but until now, had no idea how many or how to go about finding them.”

Mr. Aguiar explains, “Now, there’s a concrete number entrepreneurs can work towards that can make a difference in their bottom line, as well as some help in reaching this goal.”

According to Mr. Aguiar, there are three reasons small businesses should strive for at least 5,000 Twitter followers

  • Gain effective customer insight
  • Increase sales and leads
  • Create brand awareness

Mr. Aguiar explains, “In my own Twitter advertising efforts, I’ve experienced the effectiveness of this and have heard the same from clients.”

Mr. Aguiar says the following are the benefits of having a large number of followers:

Customer Insight: With a few hundred or even a couple of thousand followers, it can be difficult not only gain enough feedback, but enough effective feedback.

With a following of 5,000+ Twitter followers an entrepreneur can not only get more feedback, but they can have confidence that it is a balanced view of what’s going on with their business – which can signal changes or tweaks that need to be made.

Increased Sales: When it comes to Twitter advertising, having an engaged, targeted following of at least 5,000 leads garners more sales than a few hundred or a couple of thousand.

Create Brand Awareness: With Twitter marketing, one way influence is measured is by quantity, which makes it easy to create brand awareness.

Mr. Aguiar explains, “Consider this, according to a 2011 State of the Blogosphere Report, the average number of Twitter followers for a blogger is 847, jumping to 1,674 if it is a professional blogger. So having a much larger following makes it easy to stand out — and start branding your business.”

Getting to the 5,000 mark is kind of a tipping point, says Mr. Aguiar. It automatically makes others assume that a business must be influential – and they follow it because of that.

Mr. Aguiar explains, “In a nutshell, what we do at TwitterFollowersDirect is marry quantity and quality in Twitter advertising. Many pit one concept against the other. But I don’t think anyone can argue that having 5,000 or more highly targeted, engaged followers can bring a lot more sales than having a few hundred. And that’s what we deliver.”

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