Acclaimed Chef George Brown warns Diabetics to ditch drugs, instead focus on what they eat

Added by on November 29, 2011

Having struggled with Type 2 Diabetes for over a decade, world-renowned Chef George Brown is calling upon fellow Diabetics to focus on what they eat – rather than relying on expensive and often experimental drugs.

“Walking the grocery store aisles as a Diabetic can be terribly confusing – this often causes people to turn to drugs. Well, the condition is actually easily controlled or prevented simply by watching what you eat – and buying food shouldn’t be daunting”, says Brown.

With over 25 years of experience in some of America’s top kitchens, Brown says he has discovered that diabetic-friendly meal preparation is a lot quicker and easier than it may first seem, even for those with little to no cookery experience.

Wanting to assist people everywhere in their quest for the control or prevention of Diabetes, Chef George serves up his top tips for taking back that vital control:

  • Stop thinking of Diabetes as a negative drawback. While the food options for Diabetics are a little tighter, rather than focus on those, think instead of the hundreds of thousands of meals that can still be enjoyed.
  • Cook at home. To regain ultimate control, consider preparing meals at home, rather than eating out too often. Restaurants remove the control, and often add stress or worry to the experience.
  • Do the research. Get to know which foods are low on the Glycemic index, and get to know where they are available and how they can be incorporated into meals.
  • Plan meals in advance. Remove the ‘What’s for dinner?’ dilemma by planning a week’s worth of meals each Sunday. This will call for just one weekly grocery shop, removing nightly impulse shopping while proving that Diabetic-friendly foods are no more expensive than buying for anyone else.
  • Feed the whole family to the same meal. Don’t get stuck in a rut by cooking one meal that’s Diabetic-friendly, and one for ‘everyone else’. Instead, feed the whole family the same thing and it will help them to prevent Diabetes in the process.

“The advice above really works”, says Chef Brown. He continues, “I am just trying to make people aware that the control of Diabetes really is within their grasp, and that it doesn’t have to be focussed on popping pills that don’t solve the root cause”.

In fact, taking his passion for helping people one step further, Brown, through Trinity Hill Farms LLC has recently launched a new range of no-added sugar sauces, condiments and marinades.

Chef George Brown said, “All of our products are allergen free, corn free, GMO free, and petrochemical free, said Chef Brown, corporate chef at Trinity Hill Farms. “They are sweetened with Steviva Blend, an all-natural stevia based sweetener manufactured by Steviva Brands, Inc. of Portland, Oregon”.

Brown continued, “The use of stevia by Trinity Hill Farms is pioneering in the condiment market. Because of its all natural properties, stevia and stevia-based products have seen an enormous rise in popularity, types of use, and acceptance within the past decade.”

Brown commented, “The use of stevia sweetener in our products reflects our commitment to producing safe, healthy products for today’s savvy consumers. The use of stevia also aligns Trinity Hill Farms with some of the heavy-hitters in the ever-expanding, stevia-based, natural sweetener industry, including PureCircle, also a manufacturer of stevia; Cargill, Incorporated, producers of Truvia; and the Whole Earth Sweetener Company LLC , producers of PureVia”.

“If the pharmaceutical industry won’t make diet control enjoyable, then I will. After using the products, my blood sugar has been as low as 89 – and that’s something!” adds Brown.

About George Brown & Trinity Hill Farms LLC

Chef George has a diverse background. He has been banquet chef at the Multnomah Athletic Club; executive chef at the Embassy Suites Portland – Washington Square; local corporate executive chef (representing Nestle Foodservices North America) at Encore Sales & Marketing, Inc.; foodservice executive chef and national accounts manager at Harry’s Fresh Foods; and corporate executive chef and director of research and development at The Holland Inc./Burgerville Corporate Office. He has been featured in Gourmet Magazine (July 2003); Delta Sky Magazine, with Jane and Michael Stern (Splendid Table, Road Food); NW Palate; Flavor & the Menu Magazine; Restaurants and Institutions Magazine; and the National Culinary Review.

Currently Chef Brown is the President and Owner of Chef George Inc. Chef George Inc is a local Co-Packer/Processor of salads, sauces, soups, syrups and vinegars. He is also a Co-Founder of Trinity Hill Farms, LLC.

Trinity Hill Farms, LLC, is nestled in the fertile Columbia River Valley in the beautiful Pacific Northwest where it produces gourmet condiments, marinades and sauces. These products are specifically designed for consumers who are requesting delicious condiments, marinades and sauces, without the unwanted sugars, carbs or calories found in many of today’s consumer goods. All of the products from Trinity Hill Farms, LLC, are created by award-winning corporate chefs.


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