Acegen launches electronic cigarette review site

Added by on November 10, 2011

Acegen, LLC, San Diego, CA’s leading e-cigarette product reviewer, today announced the grand opening of their newly created web site. As an electronic cigarette review site, it provides reviews of popular e-cigarette brands to help consumers understand the differences between each one, and to help them find the perfect one for them.

According to owner Neil Tantay, the aim of the site,, is to help consumers choose the right electronic cigarette for them.

“There are many choices popping up each day and we want to take the guess work out for e-cigarette users,” said Tantay, noting that not only publishes reviews, but also makes recommendations.

The site, which targets anyone over the age of 18 who smokes or is trying to quit smoking, points out the positive and negatives of all the e-cigarette products that are available on the market so that smokers can make informed choices.

“Obviously, there are many alternatives to help smokers quit or reduce their tobacco smoke intake, and one of the best the best anti-smoking devices is an electronic cigarette that needs no lighting up, it carries no smoke, no tar, no smell,” said Tantay.

“Not only can you choose the strength of your nicotine, electronic cigarettes are less expensive when compared to traditional tobacco-based cigarettes,” added Neil, who does the reviews so smokers don’t have to waste money picking the wrong e-cigarette product.

According to Tantay, the beauty about this site is that e-cigarettes provide a real alternative to patches and gums, and secondly the site removes the trial and error so that smokers can now understand the good from the bad of e-cigarettes.

Other benefits that can be derived from e-cigarettes, said Tantay, include:

  • No more smoker’s breath
  • No more offensive smoke
  • No ash
  • No fire / no flame
  • Cheaper than cigarettes
  • More cost effective
  • No stub
  • Less waste
  • Non–intrusive
  • Smoke more freely
  • Smoke almost anywhere
  • No social stigmas
  • Provides an authentic smoking experience

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