Add Twitter Followers announces new wholesale prices for Twitter followers

Added by on March 14, 2012

Just about every business wants to socially engage with their clients and get new followers. announces they have lowered their prices on fully active twitter followers at wholesale prices for just about a $1 per 100+ followers. Businesses can buy Twitter followers at wholesale prices from the secure website at – unlike many other providers, does not need the Twitter account password. has been online for over a year and a half a with most of their clientele being repeat customers who are internet web marketing and advertising managers that run others’ social media platforms artists, agencies, and more.

According to the company’s CEO, Imel Seda, is the “best inversion for your blog, website or offline business period.”

Twitter, a proven method to instantly spread your company’s message to millions around the world, has become the ideal marketing tool for any business looking to expand and grow their market.  And according to Imel, when Add Twitter Followers is added to a business’ marketing arsenal, it is a fully-automated marketing machine that requires no additional input from the user.

One of the most common challenges for a successful social media campaign is getting enough fans or followers to read a company’s messages and follow an organization’s news.  Now with Add Twitter Followers, gaining new loyal followers interested in tweets is easy. “With immediate effect, Add Twitter Followers can help you grow your followers by 1000’s of new real followers every day,” added Imel.

“The bottom-line is that with this new price list of Twitter followers at wholesale prices you can easily add Twitter followers,” said Imel.

For further information, contact: Imel Seda, CEO, 407-949-4656,, or visit