Add Twitter-Followers announces wholesale pricing

Added by on March 18, 2012

Experts agree businesses have to socially engage with their clients and prospective clients and while many businesses use Twitter, almost all have very few Twitter followers.

“Studies have shown people are more willing to follow a Twitter account that already has a lot of followers, as opposed to being among a small group of followers. A good option to boost the number of followers is to buy real Twitter followers. When you buy real Twitter followers, especially ones that are active and likely more receptive to your company’s products or services, helps to increase reach, and credibility”, said Imel Seda, CEO of, in business for about 15 months, helps their clients get fully active twitter followers at wholesale pricing at about $1 per 100+ followers. says many of their clients are repeat customers because, according to their customers, boosting the number of Twitter followers helps their Twitter accounts attract even more Twitter followers.

“Where to buy real Twitter followers fast was a key question for us,” said a business owner. “We had only about 100 followers, made up mostly of our friends and family, and we just were not getting the traction we wanted to see on Twitter. We used to add 10,000 followers to our Twitter account andhave seen a dramatic increase in the number of new people that follow our Twitter account every day – extending our reach and improving our credibility,” added the business owner.

Imel commented that the new wholesale pricing makes it fast, easy, and convenient to add Twitter followers.

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