Amazon Power releases new Acai FAQ, recipes video

Added by on February 24, 2012

SYDNEY, Australia – Amazon Power co-owners and co-directors Americo Tognetti and Neville Gonzales share answers to frequently asked questions and new recipes in a new Acai video released on YouTube.

Acai, pronounced /ah-sigh-ee/, is a fruit berry found only atop of high palm trees in the Amazon Rain Forest of Brazil. Tognetti says Acai is a rich source of fiber. Acai provides high nutrition and energy.

“It’s great in Australian diet because if the richness in iron,” says Director Americo Tognetti. “We miss a lot of things here in Australia unlike what we have in South America so it’s a great complement.”

Also Acai helps the environment as there’s no need to cut down these trees in order to harvest the fruit berries, according to Gonzales. Acai is picked from the palm trees and the trees themselves are taken care of and maintained so there will be more fruit bearing, added Gonzales.

The Amazon Power co-owners said Acai is one most powerful antioxidant and considered a super food and that it is four times more nutritional than any berry. They add it is also a tried and tested weight loss supplement and is rich in fibre that aids in digestion.

“Acai provides energy and nutrition. It’s not like coffee,” says Director Tognetti. “It gives no heat like energy drinks or caffeine. Acai in face has zero caffeine. Acai has low release of energy so there’s energy for long hours.”

Amazon Power co-owners and co-directors Americo Tognetti and Neville Gonzales say they created the new YouTube video because a lot of people have questions about Acai. There are few recipes available, says Tognetti, so the YouTube video includes a number of different and new recipes that many will enjoy.

Find out more about Amazon Power and Acai by visiting the company’s web site at or watch their new Acai video on YouTube.


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