Andes Natural, LLC launches two online stores

Added by on November 17, 2011

Andes Natural, LLC announces the launch of its two online stores today, offering exclusive hand-spun angora knitting yarn for hand-knitting as well as custom made and ready made hand-knitted Angora sweaters, jackets, mittens and more for those who admire the luxury of Angora wool and wish to wear distinctive knitwear that will be cherished for generations.

Loreto Marquez, the Managing Director of Andes Natural, LLC, the subsidiary of the Coop of spinners and knitters that make the yarn and the knitwear in Chile, says, “Angora wool, widely considered one of the softest, most elegant, and beautiful yarns in existence, comes from Angora rabbits, not to be confused with the yarn made from the hair of angora goats which is known as mohair.”

“The knitting yarn offered at is fluffier than anything else in the market, because it is hand-spun with very long, selected Angora rabbit hair, not the mill-spun, short-clipped angora fibers or artificial nylon fibers found elsewhere. Best of all, the wool is created without any harm to the rabbits, because they naturally shed their coats and can be sheared.”

“Angora wool’s luxuriousness and warmth is appreciated worldwide. It’s soft, fluffy texture makes it an ideal choice for hand-knitting and weaving. And, 100% Angora rabbit wool is at least seven times warmer than sheep wool. The yarn is so versatile it is the inspiration for an amazing range of projects and crafting. “

“The knitting wool is offered in 35 vivid and natural shades, including timeless classics like chocolate, black, white, and old rose, and rare colors such as raspberry, wine, peach, old rose, emerald, mint, dark cyan. Those wishing to inquire more about the wool can call: 1-702-947-0567 and Toll-Free Ordering in the U.S. is available at: 1-800-368-6693.”

“For those looking for timeless knitted classics made from hand-spun Angora wool, offers hand-knit and irresistibly soft Angora cardigans and angora sweaters that never go out of style.”

The company says other items include, scarves, mittens, hats and booties, ponchos, boleros and more, all hand-made with Angora hand-spun wool’s soft, fluffy fur-looking halo that machine spinning simply cannot yield. Customers can also personalize their item by creating their own made-to-order design in the natural and hand-dyed color of their choice.

Marquez said the team, is “inspired by a vision that the understanding and appreciation of our fine knitting yarn and the affection and love for our craft will grant us the privilege to continue being artisans as happily as we have been for all these years. We are committed to heirloom-quality hand-knitting with the best, most fluffy angora yarn in the world, and to excellence in customer service”.

Andes Natural LLC, is located in the USA at:
1802 North Carson St., Suite 212
Carson City, NV 89701, USA

The company’s office in Chile is located at:
Rio Imperial 38, Concon, Valparaiso, Chile

For more information:

Contact: Loreto Marquez at (702)-947-0567