Artist survives gallery closing

Added by on March 2, 2012

An art gallery in Boston, MA, USA, specializing in contemporary art, opened its doors for the last time to sell all of the artwork on display and to honor the artists that had been showing their art in the gallery for so many years.

“It’s sad to see an art gallery close. I was showing most of my work there and really had no other place to sell my art,” said Kathy Benetti, a local artist that specializes in abstract art.

Benetti says she struggled to find a gallery to show her work, yet most of the galleries that had contemporary art for sale charged about 50% commission to feature her work.

“I understand are galleries have to pay rent, keep the lights on, and things like that, but I could not afford to sell my work and make just 50% from it,” explained Benetti.

Looking online, Benetti said, she found – an online gallery that offers a free listing service for artists.

“ offers a way for artists to display and sell their work in our secure online gallery. Artists can show their work for day, months, or even years – we don’t charge any on-going fees and charge low commissions. is a great way for an emerging artist to get started,” said a company spokesperson.

“I have sold a few pieces and all of my clients are happy with their new art – is easy to use and made the whole process simple for me and art buyers”, said Benetti.

Find out more by visiting the company’s website at