Author announces new Kindle book: War Between Two Powerful Nations

Added by on April 24, 2012

Chayada Welljaipet, author, War Between Two Powerful Nations

Chayada Welljaipet is pleased to announce the availability of her new Kindle book, War Between Two Powerful Nations, available on the Amazon Kindle Store.

“War Between Two Powerful Nations, is a sci-fi short story about a war between two nations: Mordigon and Vordian Empire. Mordigon, Lord of the Magnarian Confederation, need to take into consideration that his enemy, The Vordian Empire had become allies with the Batorans,” said Welljaipet.

Reviewers say War Between Two Powerful Nations is based on a true understanding of human nature with an ability to create engaging characters. “Welljaipet has mastered the art of making a good book,” said one reviewer. Another reviewer said War Between Two Powerful Nations has hallmarks of Thai folklore giving it an mystical and almost epic feel.

War Between Two Powerful Nations begins, in part, “…he knew it was possible and wouldn’t close his eyes in front of reality. It would have been childish of him. Sh, what should he do? The entire nation was calling for help. Being at the Shire Temple, Mordigon was praying for that. He would pray for the Gods to help him see the right way, to see the truth. He really wanted to do what was best for everyone.”

Find out more about War Between Two Powerful Nations by visiting the Amazon Kindle Bookstore.

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