Bald D’s BBQ announces grand opening

Added by on May 8, 2012

Frederick, Maryland, USA – Dale Carter’s famous tender and juicy, spicy-sweet beef barbecue straight out of the pit will soon be available for everyone to savor in Frederick, Maryland as he announced the grand opening of Bald D’s BBQ on Liberty Road.

“Bald D’s BBQ is a family restaurant known for its mouthwatering barbecues and fabulous homemade sides that leave customers wanting for more. It is a very welcome addition to the community providing locals with a wholesome, comfortable eating establishment that is fit for the entire family and at a price that is very accommodating. The grand opening has been much anticipated in Frederick as Dale Carter, Bald D’s BBQ owner, has already successfully established a following of local clients in the area having been the previous owner of another local establishment,” said a spokesperson.

“Bald D’s BBQ is committed to family, friends, fun and BBQ!” says Carter.

According to Carter, Bald D’s BBQ is the culmination of a lot of dreams combined with hard work. Carter says he has loved serving BBQ for fifteen years. Clients say Dale’s special attention to each patron of his establishment is always sincere and completely in character with Dale’s jovial personality which endears him to the customers. According to reviewers his love for people and good food motivates Carter to provide the same satisfying experience as they use to in his previous restaurant and more, as he continues to improve his barbecues and looks for new recipes that suit their palate.

“We can’t wait for Bald D’s BBQ to open!” as local Carol Schroyer Beall reiterates.

For more information visit or email Dale Carter at