Bed bugs are back with a vengeance: experts

Added by on February 22, 2012

Experts say bed bugs are spreading across the globe like wildfire

Experts say bed bugs – many describe them as nasty and unpleasant, pests that use our blood as their food – are spreading across the globe like wildfire.

Once considered to be virtually extinct in the developed world bed bugs started their resurgence around ten years ago and are now a major pest of every type of building, including private homes say experts.

Mitch Porter, a bedbug expert commented,”Bed bugs are often confused with dust mites which are not visible to the naked eye, yet bed bugs certainly are visible to the naked eye.”

Porter explained bed bugs are about the size and shape of an apple pip, larger when bloated with blood.

Contrary to popular opinion they do not just live in beds but everywhere in the vicinity of humans. Bed bug pest control companies are repeatedly reporting transport infestations in buses, trams, trains and aircraft

“All you need do to carry these pests home is catch a train!”, said a pest control company spokesperson.

There is a very real chance that sooner or later you will encounter these pests, especially if you travel a lot or live in an apartment block or adjoined housing as they rapidly spread in these types of dwelling, say experts.

Lots of very high class hotels have reported they are fighting a losing battle with bed bugs. Travel experts say the quality or price of your holiday hotel is no safeguard against transporting these bugs home with you.

Porter said, “Once an infestation is established you can receive 500 or more bites per night and some people can react very badly indeed.”

“They don’t need dirt or squalor, the cleaner the better for them, their food is you”

“Would you know how to prevent this, would you know the signs?”

“Would you be able to spot an infestation in the early stages before it gets out of hand?”

People that have dealt with bed bugs say bed bug treatments are expensive.

Harrier Pest Control recently released a free report on how to prevent bed bugs and if necessary how to best get rid of them; the report is available for download at the company’s website at