Belkin N Wireless Router enthusiast launches router website

Added by on April 5, 2012

Todd James is pleased to announce the launch of a new website dedicated to  providing information about Belkin N Wireless Routers.

“The Belkin N Wireless Router actually does what it says on the box – it worked perfectly from the moment I first plugged it in. I was so pleased that I wanted to post a review online, so I created a website just for in Belkin N Wireless Routers,” said James.

According to James, Belkin N Wireless routers have a sleek, minimalistic look with just one LED. The routers include a setup CD that can be used to configure the router, yet it can also be configured without using the CD – a feature often appreciated by advanced users.
James added Belkin N Wireless routers have a unique built-in self-healing feature that monitors the router to find and correct common problems. The web based interface offered by the Belkin N Wireless router makes configuration and monitoring very easy.

A visitor to the website said, “I bought a Belkin N Wireless Router after reading a review at and found it worked exactly as described –I plugged it in and was up and running a few minutes later!”

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