Bespoke Corporate Hampers launches website

Added by on April 30, 2012

Hay Hampers are pleased have just relaunched their bespoke corporate hampers service. As well as providing a range of over 80 premade gift hampers, they offer a bespoke hampers service for customers who want to order more than 10 hampers.

Each hamper can be created using a selection of products, from over 100 different wines, 60 luxury food items and 30 accessories for the hampers, explained a spokesperson. These can then be packed into one of their hamper baskets, boxes or cool bags, together with your own literature or gifts if required.

According to a spokesperson, as well as allowing shoppers to insert your own gifts or literature in with the hampers, the labels on each bottle of wine may be customised to include company logo, image or message. Each hamper also includes a free personalised greetings card.

Finally, the bespoke corporate hampers can either be sent directly to the recipient or sent in bulk to the buyer to be distributed at a later stage.

For more information about our bespoke corporate hampers, please contact us by email on or call us on 01476 550 420