Bleam Technology Ventures Inc. announces termination of relations with Voip Pal Inc.

Added by on October 15, 2011

Bleam Technology Ventures Inc. (BTV) has severed all relations with Voip Pal Inc. (PinkSheets: VPLM), Platinum Tribe Inc., a private company lead by former CEO Richard Kipping.

In other news, BTV announces integration of PlaySpan UltimatePay Global Payments platform. UltimatePay is currently in use by major online companies worldwide. With UltimatePay customers can choose from 85 plus payment options in over 180 countries. Customers can also make payments at leading retailers such as Wal-Mart, 7-Eleven, Western Union and Moneygram. BTV Inc. continues to offer free call, cheap calls and recently upgraded the service to top quality VoIP routes.

According to Director and Co-founder Francis Assif, the termination with Voip Pal Inc. is a result of “discovering a series of unethical business practices, lies, non-payment and a breach of letter of intent (LOI) and memorandum of understanding (MOU). Richard Kipping’s close relations with Voip Pal Inc. and Dennis Chang raises serious questions of credibility and transparency.”

Says Assif, “BTV did not enter into a legal binding agreement with Voip Pal Inc. or Platinum Tribe Inc., and the acquisition was not completed.

“Voip Pal Inc. issued several press releases which are utterly false and reckless. The statements in the press releases are intentionally misleading and are maligned in an attempt to destroy BTV and to undermine future potential of BTV. BTV challenges Voip Pal Inc. to release the facts of the matter to the public.”

Assif asserts that, in addition, “BTV’s CTO and Co-Founder Brent Russell was not fired by the board of Voip Pal Inc. Mr. Russell resigned from the board in writing well in advance of any resolution being passed by the Voip Pal Inc board.

“The interruption of the Voip Pal Inc. Pointsphone service was not a technical issue or an error as indicated in the press release issued on Sept. 29, 2011, by Voip Pal Inc. BTV revoked the rights for Voip Pal Inc to use the BTV Inc. platform as discussions between the two companies ended,” stated Assif.

“While it is unfortunate, I must state that that Voip Pal Inc. is not using BTV Inc.’s products or components. BTV products are owned by BTV and are under BTV control. Voip Pal Inc. does not have access to BTV products. As a director and co-founder of BTV Inc., it is my duty to protect BTV and its assets. BTV is now operating the free call service at“, adds Assif.

BTV owns a proprietary VoIP platform. The company has zero debt and zero liabilities, self-sustained and generates positive cash flow. With over 54,000 plus customers, BTV has grown substantially every quarter and will continue to operate clean and honest business and exceed forecasts as the company has shown in the past.

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