Boost Social Fans delivers 5,000th order

Added by on February 24, 2012 is proud to announce it has delivered its 5,000th order, reaching a milestone in the company’s history, proving companies value being able to buy Google Plus Ones.

“Google Plus One is a way for visitors to your company’s website to quickly endorse, or vote for, your website. It’s short-hand for ‘that’s really cool’. All votes are public with the goal to personalize search results based on the search patterns of similar users. Users can click the +1 button next to a web site in a search result, but the power comes from being able to have a Google +1 button on your company’s web site. This allows a visitor to click the Google +1 button without leaving your website,” explained a company spokesperson.

According to, votes on Google Plus One affect the ranking of pages in a search result. When getting started in the program, or after launching a new website, most companies have difficulty in attracting visitors to their website and endorsing their site with a Google Plus One vote, says

“Companies and individuals can start when they buy Google Plus Ones, giving them a quick way to encourage other visitors to click the Google Plus One button too. We offer a variety of packages that bring real visitors to your web site that click the Google Plus One button, thereby increasing your company’s website’s social ranking and exposure,” said the spokesperson.

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