Bottled Water Facts website examines modern water filtration systems for the home

Added by on December 9, 2011

Bottled Water Facts, the senior writer on the website today announced the completion of a research project which examined modern water filtration systems for the home. The staff on the website is excited about the release of the report which has so far received excellent reviews from the site’s thousands of readers and followers.

One of the things that didn’t surprise the researchers on the Bottled Water Facts website is the discovery that more than forty percent of the bottled water that’s produced is actually tap water. The bottled water companies begin with tap water and run it through their filtration systems which are designed to clean the water of harmful chemicals.

“I don’t buy bottled water because it hasn’t started killing people yet. When we begin to have problems with our water supply then I’ll buy bottled water. I do have a water filtration system which works fine and I don’t have to throw any plastic away like I see my neighbors doing all the time”. – Ray Schmidt

According to the senior writer at the Bottled Water Facts website people don’t really have alternatives other than bottled water or tap water unless they create a well on their property. Tap water can be filtered with a home filtration system which eliminates the need of the plastic bottles but still provides clean water for families.

The report on the modern water filtration systems for the home also details the pro and cons of both bottled water and tap water which helps people realize that they each have their advantages and disadvantages. In the end, the report recommends that families evaluate their needs and what’s important to them for the reason that some families use bottled or filtered water only for coffee machines while other families use it to cook food too.


The Bottled Water Facts website was created to research the highly debated topic on bottled water and tap water. The report on the modern water filtration systems for the home is only one of many that the website publishes on a monthly basis as the staff keep up with the trends in the bottled water industry and the public water system.


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