Business that buy Facebook Likes get more real fans: study

Added by on March 1, 2012

A new study concludes businesses that buy Facebook fans actually end up with more fans that are more likely to engage with their brand. The study confirms people are more likely to Like a page when they see that others Like the page too.

The study also showed that pages with few, or zero, Facebook Likes have a lower chance of getting Liked by more users simply because visitors are reluctant to be the among the first, or perhaps be the first person, to Like a page or brand.

“It is human nature – when we see a crowd we are attracted to it, so the crowd becomes bigger, and more people come to see what’s going on. this is where  businesses that buy Facebook Likes do well. You see this type of thing in malls and other venues – some crowds need a push to get started and often place people like friends, relatives, or even actors in or near the venue to make it look like it is busy – with the hope of attracting a real crowd,” said the study’s author.

A client of commented, “My three month old Facebook page had a few Likes after all that time. I bought 200 Facebook Likes using – they delivered the Likes in a few days. I now have over 600 likes on my Facebook page, and the number grows every day, plus I am getting more traffic and interested clients on my website, making those 200 Likes a very good investment.”

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