Calgary mortgage broker debunks mortgage broker myths

Added by on May 7, 2012

Calgary, AB, Canada – A Calgary mortgage broker announces he has published a free article that debunks myths about mortgage brokers.

“There are many great looking mortgage offers available, yet knowing which is best for you can be challenging and time consuming. A mortgage broker in Calgary saves you time, saves you money, provides unbiased advice, and can pre-negotiate interest rates with a variety of lenders,” said a spokesperson.

According to the spokesperson, many people have come to believe mortgage brokers charge for their services – yet very few mortgage brokers charge fees to their clients. The spokesperson explained mortgage brokers are independent and earn commission when a mortgage is funded; a very small number of institutions don’t pay mortgage brokers a commission so the broker discusses their fee with their client well in advance, giving the client a chance to make a choice.

“People that work with mortgage brokers tend to find more favourable terms and mortgage rates. Canada is a stable economy and competitiveness among lenders for people with all types of credit histories is strong – benefiting homebuyers,” added the spokesperson.

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