Canadian Special Investigations announces infidelity and surveillance services

Added by on December 20, 2012

Canadian Special Investigations, a private investigator Burlington Ontario company, announces it now offers infidelity and surveillance services.

“With close to 30 years of combined experience, C.S.I. offers a complete range of cost-effective investigative services including our unique and acclaimed Auto-Back program used in the recovery of ‘missing’ vehicles, assets and people,” said a spokesperson.

According to the company, it is a fully licensed and insured, full service domestic private investigator, catering to businesses, insurance companies, law firms, leasing/finance companies and the general public. The company says its innovative methods allow their team assist and service their clients in their search for relevant and usable evidence.

The company’s private investigators are experts trained in surveillance and are available to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, added the spokesperson. With both male and female investigators of varying ethnic backgrounds, the company says it can adjust their staff to meet clients’ needs. C.S.I. prepares detailed reports supported by video and/or photographs which are essential evidence for many insurance claims and legal proceedings.

“We take great pride in providing the most personable and pro-active investigative service available in the GTA. Our team mainly works within the Ontario area, although we do accommodate clients’ requests anywhere across Canada,” added the spokesperson.

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