Food Trends Report Compares Sept 2010 vs. Sept 2011

Added by on October 16, 2011

Canadian Craving of the Month — Chicken breasts, #5 search term and up 336% over last year.

“Wow! There’s the power of a sale,” exclaims Food Editor, Colleen Tully. “Major grocery chains across Canada had deals on boneless chicken breasts in September, translating into thousands of home cooks searching for our Tested-Till-Perfect chicken breast recipes.”

What’s in:

“It was a plentiful peach season and we see peach desserts, peach cobblers and peach cakes all up over 50 per cent from last year,” suggests Tully. “Nice to see the new school year marked a healthy interest in homemade cookies. School may also explain the new surge in fried rice: it makes the most of leftovers on a busy weeknight.”

What’s out

  • New trend: Apple pie – down 38%
  • New trend: Salmon – down 58%
  • New trend: Salad – down 38%
  • Shrimp – down 50%
  • Bread – down 40%

“A longer peach season has given us a later apple season, and the desserts on our tables reflect what’s growing in our backyards,” explains Tully. “The sale on chicken may explain our waning interest in salmon last month. Salad normally enjoys a surge at the start of the school year, so yet again quinoa salad may have trumped the lettuce variety for a portable salad option.”

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