Car insurance news website launches

Added by on January 13, 2013

Car Insurance Deals Online is pleased to announce the announce the launch of its website at

“We’re pleased to launch our car insurance news and deals website. We offer the latest news, cheap car insurance quotes, car insurance advice and more. We update our content every day and our readers tell us they find our content and advice very useful for their car insurance needs,” said a spokesperson.

According to the company, since launching their car insurance news website, the number of daily visitors has been steadily increasing.

“Car insurance can be confusing and many are not sure whether they’re getting the best car insurance for their needs. As well, many places say they offer cheap car insurance but many feel they’re not too sure whether they got such a good deal. The information on our website provides tips, advice and more to help consumers make the best choice,” added the spokesperson.

Car insurance rates, said the spokesperson, are based on a number of factors including gender, age, driving history, marital status, type of vehicle being driven, distance traveled, credit rating, deductible and other important factors.

Car insurance coverage includes financial protection against medical payments, physical damage, property damage or injury to third parties, cost of renting a replacement vehicle, and other types of protections.

Find out more about Car Insurance Deals Online by visiting their website at