Celebrities and Snapback Hats

Added by on December 14, 2011

Many celebrities seem to be rocking snapback hats nowadays and are setting a fashion trend as they commonly do. This style from the 80’s has come back thanks to popular celebrities like: Lil Wayne, Jay Sean, Tyga, Wiz Kalifa and many more.

It is nice to see a new trend sticking and this snapback craze looks as it is here to stay. The promotion by these popular icons is definitely setting a new trend amongst the younger crowds.

Many retail store owners say they are having a hard time keeping up with the influx of snapback hats orders demanded by the public. Many wholesale suppliers and distributors say they are running out of stock faster than they can resupply.

It goes to show how celebrities are trend setters and when they sport a fashion style it has a huge affect on the public. People are happy to follow their role models in their new fashion endeavors. Snapbacks seem to be the spotlight of urban fashion and hip hop style and will be into the foreseeable future.