Company creates innovative and fun weight loss vacations for adults

Added by on April 20, 2012 announces it has created a variety of weight loss vacations for adults including adult weight loss resorts and adult boot camps.

“Weight loss vacations for adults might be getaway weekends or week long vacations, but instead of involving rich foods and self indulgence, they are dedicated to healthy eating and activity. The idea is to get away and launch a new way of doing things and taking care of yourself, while relaxing and enjoying yourself at the same time. Those who have taken a weight loss or fitness vacation have chosen to return again and again; unlike other kinds of vacations, those who have taken part in trips like these truly return feeling invigorated,” said a spokesperson.

The company says its weight loss vacations for adults include relaxing and healthy cruises, health spas and resorts, and weight loss retreats for the GLBT community. The company says the idea is to provide a comfortable atmosphere for everyone.

“As these weight loss vacations for adults become increasingly popular groups are likely to travel together. These might be senior groups, bachelorette parties, church groups, or just groups of friends who are ready to take control of their health. To accommodate these groups of vacationers, ranches and inns have developed to fill this need. Groups of friends or family members can enjoy a week of outdoor fun at a weight loss ranch, with ample distractions to relax the mind and the body between fitness and nutrition classes. Ranches will have acres of land for hiking, biking, running, and even horse back riding, while inns may be near a theater district where visitors can enjoy the local culture in their free time. Both options will have good foods available and offer perks like cooking classes and support groups. In the end, you may learn something new about yourself and your body, pick up a new skill, and make a few new friends,”

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