New competitor in the Artfire & Etsy industry

Added by on November 11, 2011

A new competitor of artfire and ETSY was launched few days ago and today artists have another way to get more exposure and sell their creations on

The co-founder of, Oren Sonnenschein said, “Unlike Artfire who ask you to pay monthly fee or ETSY who charge 0.20 cent per item not including 3% of the sell, allows you to publish up to 10 items for free and pay up to 4% only when your item sold.

Sonnenschein continues, “I don’t understand why artist should pay for something they didn’t sell. This is why we offer up to 10 items for free listing”.

According to the website also features stores with more than 10 items for less – for example, artists can list 20 items for $2 per month.

Sonnenschein points out that is different from its competitors because allows sellers to promote specific items in three different ways or even promote their entire store.

Sonnenschein said, “You can see in-house featured options as Google search, you can be just indexed, or you can pay to be promoted”.

For more information visit the company’s website at