Easy espresso coffee without a barista

Added by on March 6, 2012

Baristas are entering competitions to be declared champions in their field, yet the Aromo Coffee brews the perfect and consistent cup of espresso every time.

Aromo Coffee Limited announces the launch of their espresso coffee pod website aimed at the UK gourmet coffee connoisseur at www.aromocoffee.co.uk

“Coffee pods are simple to use, require no expensive grinder, are perfectly portion controlled, make no mess and are individually wrapped so fresh every time”, said a company spokesperson.

According to the company, the benefits of Aromo ESE Coffee Pods over ground coffee include:

  • No mess, so no used grounds spilling over your counter, it’s a simple as a tea bag
  • Every portion is exactly measured so consistent espresso results every time
  • Beans go off no matter how you store them, but each pod is sealed in it’s own foil
  • ESE pods are the best value single serving method bar none

“We are offering a free sample to journalists and bloggers – email hello@@aromocoffee.co.uk”, said the spokesperson.

Find out more by visiting the company’s website at www.aromocoffee.co.uk