EBusiness Reviews covers debt ceiling 2011

Added by on December 4, 2011

EBusiness Reviews, a website specializing in reviews of forex trading strategies and business news, announces the release of its review of the Obama debt ceiling.

The debt ceiling 2011 crisis, resolved on July 31, 2011 after many months of debate and arguments between the Republicans and Democrats. The Obama debt ceiling resulting in raising the national debt ceiling by US$2.1 trillion to a total of US$16.4 trillion. The US debt ceiling describes amount of public debt that the United States government allowed to incur as part of its regular operations. Investors provide loans to the United States government when it issues securities or bonds that offer attractive interest rates and the promise of stability. Since the United States is a stable world power, its securities and bonds are popular among investors.

The debt ceiling 2011 is part of a long list of debt ceiling bills of past government administrations – congress has approved 93 debt ceiling bills since they were introduced by the Public Debt Act which was passed in 1941.

EBusiness Reviews covers the Obama debt ceiling in detail and raises relevant questions about its past and future. The free report is available is available on EBusiness Reviews’ web site.

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